Sex is carried out by a partner for two reasons. First to get offspring. During sex, fertilization will occur so that in a period of less than a year, women can give birth. Second, to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. Sex is done to satisfy desires and get pleasure together.

Tragedy When Having Sex

During sex, undesirable things sometimes happen. Some people who experience disorders such as sudden erections disappear, do not get an orgasm, or lose the mood of sex. This condition is quite natural experienced by couples even though they also can not underestimate it.

Furthermore, there are also those who experience interference in the form of strong dizziness to weakness and fainting. This condition is quite dangerous and serious, so that proper handling must be done so that it does not endanger health or even threaten lives.

Causes of Dizziness Until Fainting After Sex

There are many causes of fainting and sudden weakness after sex, although this incident is quite rare. Only a few couples experience it even though everyone must still be aware of it.

  1. Excessive Tiredness in the Neck and Head

Before engaging in intense sex, the partner must be in a healthy condition both physically or mentally. If the physical condition is impaired, the possibility of obstructed sex will be disrupted. This disorder can appear during sex or after having an orgasm.

If the couple has a feeling of fatigue or stiffness in the back of the head to the neck, it is advisable not to have sex. Usually when orgasm occurs there will be a fairly strong pressure on the neck. If you can not stand the pain, men or women may be weak until fainting.

Before having sex, it’s a good idea to check the physical condition first. If indeed the body is experiencing disorders such as pain or fatigue, it’s better to delay. Intense sex is like sports, if you push yourself too much your body will get into trouble.

  1. POTS syndrome

POTS syndrome is a low blood syndrome that is quite acute. One sign of this syndrome is often appear dizzy after sitting and suddenly standing. When the body approaches orgasm, the heartbeat will usually be fast and can trigger fainting.

This condition can occur in men or women. So, if you have this condition, it’s better to have sex safely and not choose certain sex styles that are harmful to the body. For example doing missionary style or spooning by hugging each other.

  1. Arrhythmia

Someone who has an arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat can also experience fainting after sex. Usually this condition occurs because the heart rate suddenly drops or suddenly fast. This condition affects the amount of oxygen supplied to the lungs and brain.

If you often have irregular heartbeats, it is better not to have sex too intense. If until sex is done very hard, the body will easily limp.

  1. Hyperventilation

Hyperventilation is a condition that causes a person’s breathing to be very fast and short. When orgasms occur, both men and women will experience considerable shocks. This condition is most likely to trigger hyperventilation.

A person who is hyperventilated will lack oxygen and have a lot of carbon dioxide. As a result the body will become very weak, dizzy, and eventually experience fainting when it is severe.

  1. Effects of Medication for Erectile Disorders

Especially for men, sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction make them unable to have sex perfectly. Finally they chose to use drugs to overcome erectile problems such as Viagra.

The side effects of drugs to deal with very large erections are dizziness and body discomfort. Circulatory disorders can also occur and allow dizziness to faint.

How to prevent and treat fainting after sex

Fainting after sex can actually be prevented with a partner. Just do the things below so that sex can run smoothly and safely.

  • Knowing your health condition before having sex. At the very least, do not have sex if both are sick or one of you is not feeling well.
  • Get to know the condition of the body well. If you need to see a doctor related to the presence or absence of body disorders, especially arrhythmias or POTS that have been described previously.
  • Know the ability of the body during sex. Don’t overdo it if you can’t.
  • Choose the right sex position and as needed.
  • It’s good to eat a few hours before having sex. If you eat first, your body will not experience lack of energy and eventually trigger fainting.

If your partner suddenly faints or becomes weak, there are a number of things to do:

  • Sleep the couple in the right position and try to make it easier for them to breathe properly. Lift and move the body of the couple to be more comfortable.
  • Apply wind oil to the chest and nose area and then wait for it to wake up. Usually the wind oil or other oil that smells strong quickly awakens people to faint.
  • Give drinking water so that the body does not dehydrate.
  • If there are serious problems, contact your doctor immediately.

Excessive exhaustion until fainting after sex is unnatural. So, if you or your partner experience it immediately do a doctor’s examination.

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